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Check-Coin welcomes its new cryptocurrencies partners



We are most pleased to present the two new cryptocurrencies that are accepted as a form of payment in our online store !!!

Verge ( XVG ) and NEO !!!



With these two new additions, our online store now accepts 24 cryptocurrencies as a payment method !!!


If you are a cryptocurrency developer, you can contact us via the contact form to discuss how you can be added to us!

If you are a customer who likes to shop online, you can visit our categories and see if you find something suitable for you. The store offers over 2000 products in 18 categories!


You can also visit our news section, where you can read the latest news from the world of cryptocurrency!

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Bytecoin Network Issue – Information from Development Team

May 08, 2018
Bytecoin network is experiencing unusal high load. Transactions can be delayed, node synchronization can lag far behind. Team is working hard to solve issues. It’s strongly recommended to avoid any transferrings of BCN until the situation is taken under control. We will notify you right after everything will be fixed!
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FLASH — BITLOUNGE Partnership and Wallet Release


FLASH is proud to announce an official partnership with Bitlounge, an Over the Counter (OTC) exchange located in Halifax, Canada. The Bitlounge exchange allows clients to buy or sell bitcoin and altcoins directly with fiat. Bitlounge has attracted the attention of the largest television broadcasting station in Canada, CTV, which visited their establishment and interviewed the owners.

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FLASH Exchange Listing — Bitmora Exchange

FLASH Exchange Listing — Bitmora Exchange

03/04/2018 FLASH Exchange Listing — Bitmora Exchange



03/04/2018, Toronto, Ontario. — The FLASH team are pleased to announce that the Bitmora Cryptocurrency Exchange will be listing FLASH during its public launch in under 6 weeks.

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15 Feb The FLASH Roadmap: Here is what’s on the horizon

Hi there! Welcome to our first blog post. We hope you are as excited and optimistic about the future of FLASH as we are. Our core team of very capable and experienced developers are hard at work to not only maintain and polish the existing features, but also to give life to a bunch of new applications and features. FLASH ecosystem You see, we are optimizing FLASH for the $1 Trillion global remittance market and are also making steady progress to introduce FLASH in the merchant payments space. So, without further ado, let’s look at our release pipeline in a chronological order. Continue reading 15 Feb The FLASH Roadmap: Here is what’s on the horizon
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Linux Wallet v1.7.1.0 Released!

We just released a new revision of the Dimecoin Wallet which features an update of the blockchain checkpoints, which had not been updated for a long time by the previous team. While it is not a required update, checkpoints make the wallet more secure against hacking when the Dimecoin network is still small. Since we just revived Dimecoin, it is highly suggested to update your wallet. Continue reading Linux Wallet v1.7.1.0 Released!
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Next Milestone Achieved: New API Stable Release

Dear Bytecoineers, The Bytecoin Development team is happy to announce that we’ve reached another important frontier in our yearly Roadmap and we are happy to present you with the most essential updates that you’ve been waiting for. Let us help make you familiar with the progress that we’ve been working on for past several few months.
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Check-Coin Now support Beetle coin

The Beetle coin is an open source decentralized cryptocurrency which provides instant and low fees transactions all around the world through the Beetle coin network. Anyone can participate in the operation of Beetle coin network by either allocating computing power in mining or staking the coins. On average, Beetle coin block network requires two minutes to generate a new block, and all transactions are carried out over the internet, unlike fiat money transactions which require intermediary financial institutions or banks.

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Bitcoin Futures Launch in the UK

Bitcoin Futures Launch in the UK

Bitcoin Futures Launch in the UK

Coinfloor have announced their group of cryptocurrency exchanges will now include Coinfloorex, a bitcoin futures exchange. Offering “institutional grade risk management and governance,” traders, hedge funds, and miners will get bitcoin futures “at scale” through “specifically designed cryptocurrency contracts and operational controls.”   Continue reading Bitcoin Futures Launch in the UK