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Check-Coin Now accepts MonetaryUnit


Why Choose MonetaryUnit ( MUE )?


Within the crypto currency industry MUE is a well established and respected brand with a mature ecosystem and progress is driven by a dedicated foundation team. The rate of growth since launch and the potential to continue this trend shows MUE is only heading in one direction.


Recent migration to the X11 code base (based on Dash) allows us to reach a larger market of miners and brings added security with a likely rise in price from a more advanced hash rate. The MasterNode network manages a pool of funds which is set aside to fund the project moving forward. Proposals put before MasterNodes allows for a democratic process over future decisions unlike other currencies in the market.


MonetaryUnit launched 27th July 2014 as a 100% POW Quark Clone. On June 25th 2017, we re-launched as a X11 Dash hybrid with MasterNodes.

Coin supply 4,000,000,000 over 120 years.

Block reward 40 MUE per block

Block reward split 45% to POW, 45% to MNs, 10% for budget allocation.

Block time 40 seconds.

MasterNodes require 500,000 MUE collateral

MasterNode shares available. 1 share minimum is 10k MUE, instant earnings and 10% maintenance fee