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FLASH — BITLOUNGE Partnership and Wallet Release


FLASH is proud to announce an official partnership with Bitlounge, an Over the Counter (OTC) exchange located in Halifax, Canada. The Bitlounge exchange allows clients to buy or sell bitcoin and altcoins directly with fiat. Bitlounge has attracted the attention of the largest television broadcasting station in Canada, CTV, which visited their establishment and interviewed the owners.


Bitlounge provides a safe and secure trading environment, while offering a beginner cryptocurrency course. This course teaches clients how to trade cryptocurrency, send/receive cryptocurrency, setup an online wallet, and set up a phone based wallet. The Bitlounge owners are currently offering 200 FLASH to every person who enters their establishment.


The Daily Grind Coffee Shop In Halifax Now Accepts FLASH

In related news, Bitlounge partnered with the Daily Grind Coffee shop in Halifax who are now accepting FLASH. In a news segment, CTV stopped by and purchased coffee with FLASH.

English Bay Seafood Announces Plans to Accept FLASH Payments

On March 29th 2018, English Bay Seafood, a company based in British Columbia, Canada announced their plans to accept FLASH by implementing the FLASH Merchant Tools on their website.

FLASH Web Wallet Compatible with Bitcoin

The Flash Web Wallet (FWW) is now compatible with bitcoin; users can send, receive, and store bitcoin in the same web wallet they use to store FLASH. The FLASH team plans on adding compatibility for other cryptocurrencies in the near future, most notably, LTC, ETH, and BCH.

The highly anticipated Mammoth Exchange will be integrated directly into the FWW so users can make trades directly from their FLASH wallet.

FLASHAndroid Wallet

The FLASH Android wallet app is now available for download on the Google Play Store. Once downloaded, use your FLASH web wallet credentials to log in or create a new account.

The Revamped FLASH Website To Be Released Soon

The newly designed FLASH website is nearly complete so keep an eye out for that. Feel free to follow us on Discord, as we have a string of announcements throughout Q2.

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