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FLASH The Digital Asset for Small & Fast Transaction Settlement



What is FLASH?

Bitcoin/Litecoin Family of Digital Assets

Bitcoin                         Litecoin                        FLASH


FLASH is a community coin based on Bitcoin/Litecoin source code, optimized for small and fast transaction settlement

Transaction Cost: $1.00-5.00$0.25-0.35$0.000006
Trans/sec:               7/sec15/sec25,000/sec
Processing Time: 10 minutes2 minutes<5 seconds
Type:                      PoWPoWDelegated PoW
Total Supply:          21m88m900m

Coin Characteristics

The entire coin supply for FLASH has been issued, there are no “developer coins” or inflation.

“Current real-world blockchain networks are practically limited to about 30 trans/sec” — Gavin Wood

The a Better Bitcoin

Delegated Proof-of-Work

Lighter than Litecoin, still decentralized but fast

$700 computer, 25K txn/s only 80 watts Simple governance (GovNodes), community supported

Suitable for Small Transactions

consumers + merchants + social + media applications

Focused on Faster Cheaper Settlement works many places Bitcoin is too expensive.


Marketing Roadmap

Compatible with Bitcoin software integrations in days Exchange interchange token – Transfer value between exchanges in 1-2 mins.

Remittances – requires local exchange (fiat) + localization

Merchant functions – payment, cash back, loyalty, reporting

Rollout Plan

Developed world – US, CAN, EU, JP, Dubai

Developing world – LATAM and Asia (IN, PH, CN)

FLASH Tech Roadmap


EN, ES, PT, IN (Hindi, Bengali, Dewali, Urdu, etc),

CN+RU+JP in dev


FLASH web wallet, QT (.deb/Win/Mac), Coinomi, Coin

Payments, In wallet exchange for BTC

Languages include EN, ES, PT + major Indian languages


Exchanges / ATM Networks

Cryptopia, Major US exchange, BitNational, India


151 Counterparty Asset tokens


Vote on code updates/txn fees, delegate processing


Merchant tools in development for online + brick-and-mortar


Optimized BTC/LTC code

BTC/LTC base code modified and tested for 2+ years

112 btc presale donations no U.S. participants, no ‘ICO’ Foundation in Liechtenstein

All 900m coins distributed immediately following presale

fully legal distribution – FinTRAC Canada “no action” letter



All 900m coins distributed immediately following presale

fully legal distribution – FinTRAC Canada “no action” letter

Take a position in FLASH -OTC -Purchase on Exchange Ticker:  FLASH FLASH/BTC Obtain Govnodes Develop your FLASHapp


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