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Hard Fork Success, Update On Community Fund, and New NavPi Version

Hard Fork Success, Update On Community Fund, and New NavPi Version

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In this weeks update – a successful hard fork, an update on the community fund, and a new version of the NavPi available for download.

Hard Fork Success

A few days ago, on the 11th Dec, the Nav Coin network successfully hard forked to version 4.1.0. And we’d like to send a huge thank you to our community for being so responsive to the announcement by upgrading, and to Bittrex for helping us identify and solve the issue. If you missed it, visit here for full information on the hard fork, and the instructions to ensure you’re up to date: We would recommend to not perform transactions for the next 24 hours, just until we can verify that everything is running smoothly and the network is 100% stable. After talking to the exchanges (e.g. Bittrex and Poloniex), they’ve let us know that they will be back fully online once they have completed a code review (which is standard practice), and we will send out an announcement when this happens. But if you are having any trouble with the latest version, then please head into our Discord and feel free to ask for help.

Community Fund Update

As we mentioned in our announcement of the hard fork, the latest version of Nav Coin 4.1.0 includes a testnet of the community fund – which includes all the functionality & smart contracts for proposing projects, voting on them, and the final round of voting. It’s still early days but this will form the basis for how the community fund will work. Also – as a side result of the hard fork, which got everyone to update their wallets, we’ve seen an increase in the % of yes votes for the community fund, and we are now sitting at 90% approval (which is more than enough to pass). To ensure that the vote is fair, we won’t be counting this block period (as it includes the hard for) just to ensure that it gives everyone time to upgrade and cast their votes. So the fund won’t pass this round, it will need to reach the threshold in the next block period (each period is 4 days).

Countdown to NavPay launch

Get your smartphones ready! Only one week until the launch of NavPay; the first privacy focussed mobile wallet with Changelly instant exchange integration along with many other perks. Launch date is still set for 20th December and will be available on web browsers, the Android app store, and iOS (still pending approval).

Our Senior Devs Unite in Europe

Craig and Alex are teaming up in Amsterdam and again in Berlin to begin development of the first prototype of our ADapps platform. The prototype is being created to test out technical feasibility and ensure that when we release our whitepaper, it’s based on a solid foundation.

New NavPi version 1.0.5

We have released a new version of the NavPi software, which includes the following changes:
  • Update to the newest Nav Coin wallet version (v4.1.0)
  • Includes an up-to-date blockchain (as of 2017/12/13)
  • Updated OS, to get the latest security patches.
  • Some minor UI updates (spelling and grammar fixes)
That’s all for this week.
Hard Fork Success, Update On Community Fund, and New NavPi Version