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NavPay Release, Community Fund Success, and Holiday Break

NavPay Release, Community Fund Success, and Holiday Break

Kieren HylandNav Coin 

In this week’s report – NavPay is about to be released, the community fund crosses the line, and information on the upcoming holiday break.

NavPay Release

It’s almost here! At around 8-9pm GMT (on the 20th), we’ll be launching our new light wallet – NavPay. The team is currently in preparation mode – making the final tweaks and getting everything ready to go. We’ll have content and advertising coming throughout the week to support NavPay, on our Nav Coin channels as well as outside channels, with the aim of raising awareness to a wider audience and getting users to download the app.

Community Fund Approved

Another headline this week is that the community fund has officially been approved and passed with an overwhelming number of positive votes – a grand total of 81% of the community voting yes. This is a huge boost for the development of Nav Coin – and will mean that the community & team will have around $1 million USD (at current price) to spend on community projects, development costs, and marketing initiatives. Up until this point, Nav Coin has been self-funded, so the community fund is a welcome development and sure to bring positive change to the project. You can read more about what the community fund is, and what the next steps are here:

Holiday Dates

This festive season we’ll be taking some time out to spend with friends and family. Official Holiday dates for the team are Saturday 23rd December – Sunday 7th Jan. The Nav Coin team will be taking this time to rest & relax so that when we kick into 2018 we’ll be fully charged and ready to go for the huge year ahead. Also important to note that we won’t be putting out weekly reports over this time, so this will be the last one for this year (but there will be more content, this isn’t the last time you will hear from us this year). You will likely see us on the community channels over this time –  but please be understanding and patient if we take some time to reply to your messages.

From The Community This Week

A Nav tip bot: Two of our members on Discord, Slothmike and siflu, have been working on a NavTipBot for Reddit and are happy to announce that they are in the testing stages. The bot will be available for public testing as soon as internal tests are concluded. This will be a great way to send NAV, making it easy to send NAV and attract new users. Cobinhood exchange vote: Cobinhood is a new zero fee exchange, and one of our community members has lined up Nav Coin to be entered into their coin vote in January. This will essentially be like the Binance vote – where users sign up for an account and vote for the coin they think should get on the exchange for free. So sign up today, and get ready for the vote in Jan! Rules of the vote:
  1. An account can only vote once.
  2. Voting will not consume your COBs, but an account MUST have at least 50 COBs to be able to cast a vote.
  3. The token that receives the most votes will be the declared the winner.
Voting Period: 5 Jan 00:00 to 19 Jan 23:59 (UTC+0).   That’s us for this week and for 2017! Take care everyone.
NavPay Release, Community Fund Success, and Holiday Break