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About Skeincoin

Skeincoin, the future of cryptocurrency payments, today.

Skeincoin was launched in 2013 by Red kendra, based on the Skein Secure Hashing Algorithm 2, or SHA2, which is used along with SHA256 to serve as a proof of work.  Skeincoins unique selling point is the security and safety. Originaly designed by the United States NSA, the SHA-2 algorithm is even required by law for use in multiple US Government application for the protection of sensitive unclassified information.

Another strong asset to Skeincoin hashing is its versatility; it can be implemented for CPU, GPU, FGPA and ASIC.

Now, after more than 4 years we took on the challenge to revive this sleeping giant. The active dedication of the current team, combined with the advice of some of the original team members, we feel confident we’ve got all the weapons to survive in this difficult market.


POW Hash: Skein-SHA2 Block target: 2 minutes Block reward: 32 SKC, halving every year (262,800 blocks) No premine. The first 100 blocks will return a reward of 0.0001 allow miners to setup and difficulty to adjust. Total coins: Around 17 million Default RPC Port: 21230 P2P Port: 11230