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Thank you 2017!

Thank you 2017!

Craig MacGregorNav Coin Updates0 Comments

What an incredible year 2017 has been for NavCoin. This really was the year where NavCoin grew from the side project it started as, into the mature project you see before you today.
We now have six full-time staff members across the marketing and engineering departments, each of whom have played a huge role in making NavCoin the platform that it is today. We’ve launched a range of products including a full rebuild of NavCoin Core, NavTech 1.2, The NavPi Staking Unit, and now the NavPay desktop and mobile wallets. We have also seen the community grow exponentially, especially over the last few months. There are now over 50,000 members on our various community channels, and we have one of the best teams of moderators and senior community members I’ve had the pleasure of working with. The way the community helps and supports each other, and also supports the core team is amazing. We are humbled by our community and grateful to have you all with us on this journey. With the introduction of the NavCoin Community Fund next year we hope to see this interconnection between the core team and the community grow even further as the development of NavCoin really takes on a life of its own.


Although 2017 has been incredible in retrospect, we are in an even stronger position now than we were at the beginning of this year. With all this momentum and a great project roadmap that we’ll release next year, we are confident that 2018 will be another historic year for NavCoin. The best is yet to come. From all of us at NavHQ, we wish you a happy and safe holiday. Craig MacGregor Founder & Chief Engineer NavCoin